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wdm and keyboard problems


This is a very weird problem so I'm not sure exactly where to send it. 
Hopefully somebody has a suggestion.

Here's my situation: I have my Alpha set to start wdm on boot.  Before, 
everything was fine.  This problem has started recently after I, among other
things, updated my wdm and moved /, /usr, and /var to a different drive.  I
am most suspicious of wdm at the moment.

The problem is that I can log in to wdm just fine (type in my username and
password), but immediately after that happens, or a few keystrokes later, my
keyboard is completely locked.  I can do nothing with it. 
Ctrl-Alt-Backspace, Ctrl-Alt-F1, or any typing in any windows does nothing. 
Pressing NumLock doesn't toggle the light on the keyboard.  I have to telnet
in from a different box, stop wdm and restart it, and then everything works

I'm running Metro-X 4.3.1 (by necessity, not by choice).


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