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Debian on the Alpha

I was all set to install Debian (slink) on an old Alpha box I fell into,
and suddenly started receiving a (BIOS type) message that the slot
configuration was lost and that I needed to insert the ECU (Eisa
configuration utility?) to repair it. Since I "fell into" this box (i.e.
my employer had it from years ago, and allowed me to take it off their
hands), and its pretty old, I don't have all the goodies, which I assume
the ECU disk is.

Does anyone know where I can get this disk? No luck searching Digital's
(er, Compaq's) web site.

The information from the SRM on the machine is:


DEC 2000 Model 3000 AXP - ROM Version 1.5
Processor ID: 21064
Processor Revision: 3
System Revision 2
Processor Speed 149.99 Mhz

ARC Multiboot Alpha AXP Version 3.5-4
Alpha AXP SRM Firmware Version - 31e



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