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Re: nonus & Alpha

On Tue, 22 Dec 1998, John Goerzen wrote:

> Well, I note that your domain indicates you're in the US, so you probably
> shouldn't upload stuff to non-US.  What we really need is a developer
> outside the US.  (This is why I am helpless to upload stuff there as well.)

Yes and no.  I have access to a computer in the Netherlands that I can
build and upload on :-)  In fact, I have about 10 packages waiting for
nonus right now on that machine, but can't upload it :-(

> > Agreed.  It should also check contrib and non-free since we have NO idea
> Hmm!  I hadn't realized it doesn't.  Definately, I agree with you there.

I'm running quinn-diff now (or wrestling with it is more appropriate).  If
you want, I'll send you a copy of the results.  Just name the archs you


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