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Re: 981115 jensen/resc1440.bin image bad?

Chris Allegretta writes:
 > On Sat, 5 Dec 1998, ESP wrote:
 > // Hello.  I'm a devoted Debian i386 user who recently came into
 > // possession of an old AXP 150 machine.  I'm trying to install Debian on 
 > // the darn thing, but I'm running into problems.
 > The last I was aware, the Jensen (AXP 150) was unable to load Linux from
 > ARC.  You had to boot into SRM and load from there.  

As far as I know this is still the case. The fact that there is still
no milo available for Jensen confirms this. So booting through ARC is
not doable.

A point that would be great to know, when using SRM, can the jensen
boot from floppy? If is it the case, using step 2c) in the README of
the installation disks should work nicely.

If not, as Chris Allegreta is saying, you have to get manually through
the procedure of the Jensen-HOWTO.

ESP writes:
 > I can't read the diskette under Linux (i386) or Windows, so my only
 > conclusion is that the disk image is bad.  Any confirmation/denial on
 > this?

The rescue disk is a ext2 filesystem in the Jensen case, you should be 
able to mount it under Linux with the right option.


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