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Re: chown() problem in cp also

>>>>> "CCC" == Christopher C Chimelis <chris@classnet.med.miami.edu> writes:

    CCC> Just thought I'd drop a line in as an update to the lchown()
    CCC> vs chown() debate.  It seems that "cp" also has the same
    CCC> problem (which is why, as some of us have noticed, cp -a
    CCC> doesn't work right when dealing with links at times).  I'm
    CCC> still waiting on recompiling glibc until the debate is
    CCC> resolved and a proper patch is provided (that works).  I can
    CCC> (and should) recompiled fileutils shortly afterwards, so

  Fileutils can be recompiled now - it should just need to be
configured on an lchown-aware system. It will probably be a good idea
to make it depend on whatever version of glibc first had the lchown
stub, though.


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