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Re: dpkg/lchown and 2.0.3[0-4] kernels

On Mon, Dec 07, 1998 at 10:10:12PM +0000, Nikhil Nair wrote:

> I've stumbled across the dpkg-lchown problem that people have been talking
> about here.  I'm using a 2.0.30+patches kernel I compiled over a year ago,
> but am quite happy to upgrade as far as 2.0.34; however, I have a problem
> with 2.0.35: my Braille display driver (a user-level program) uses console
> sound to make some beeps, and under 2.0.35 the beeps don't stop but
> continue ad infinitum ... which is rather annoying.

That's a known kernel bug in 2.0.35.

I don't know the status of 2.0.36 on Alpha, but if you get the first
pre-patch to 2.0.36 (which fixes the beep problem and doesn't change much
else), you should be able to alpha-patch this kernel and compile and use

You can find this patch at

Another solution (if you are brave :) ) is to upgrade to a recent
developer kernel. 2.0.129+ worked for me very well, but as you can read on
this list YMMV.

Andreas Trottmann <andreas.trottmann@werft22.com>

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