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Re: partition counting for Alpha

> > Yes.  SUN, BSD, Digital UNIX use different partitioning scheme that
> > allows for 8 partitions. 
I'm currently stuck with the following problem and I'm running out of
ideas. I'd appreciate any helpful responses.

When I normally partition a disk, I only can boot via MILO on a boot 

When I install a kernel via rawboot/aboot I'm able to boot correctly
but destroy the partition table.

When I partition the disk with BSDs disklabel, I can't mke2fs the 

I'm particularly interested how to mke2fs a BSD partitioned disk.



PS: Related problem: the kernel booted via aboot doesn't detect the
    hardware correctly (especially not the NCR810); but the kernel, when
    booted via MILO, works. I suspect the double initializing of the
    SCSI-adapter to be the culprit (when double initializing the 
    hardware it works..)
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