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Re: nonus & Alpha

dichro-d5e3ae@eris.rcpt.to (Mikolaj J. Habryn) writes:

> Is anyone intimately acquainted with it and willing to help?  James?

Sure, but only if it's in the next 6 hours... or after the 4th of
Jan. :p 

If you're having problems, please do mail the mailing list[1]; Roman
is, I suspect, more than happy to help, and no one is more intimately
acquainted with wanna-build & co. than him (as he wrote almost all of
it), and even if he's been run over a bus or something, he's helped
others on there (uh, Jules/sparc, IIRC) who could in turn help you.

[1] buildd-disc@nocrew.org; send subscription requests in the subject
    of a message to buildd-disc-REQUEST@nocrew.org.


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