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Re: X on 4/233, which mouse device/driver, Matrox Millenium setup

>I've got a system built from the 981115 diskettes and ftp'ed packages 
>same week.  My /etc/ld.so.conf was setup empty, so I added /usr/X11R6/
>to it (thanks Mikolaj), and when I run xf86conf I can, after a lot of
>parameter playing,
>get a X graphic screen displayed, but without mouse support.
>Q1: what is the correct mouse for an Alphastation 4/233?  I have a
>       plugged in the system (which works just fine with "brand-M" NT)
>       Is it  /dev/mouse   ?
>       Do I call it a microsoft mouse, a PS/2 mouse, or just a 2 
>       Should I answer yes to the "emulate 3 buttons" question?

It depends on the mouse.  If it's a PS/2 mouse, then call it a PS/2 
mouse.  The port to use is /dev/psaux, but you can also make a symlink 
from that to /dev/mouse.  Does it have three buttons?  If not, then you 
probably want to emulate the three buttons so when you chord the two, 
you get MOUSE3.

>Q2: I have a Matrox Millenium 4M VRAM PCI card (not the newer 
>        So, I select the xserver-svga package, pick out the Millenium 
>        then I do not specify the chip set or have the config program 
>the card
>        What selections should work best for this card?
>        Alternately, I also have a #9 Imagine 128-II card -- will this 

The Matrox will server you well.  The standard SVGA server will do it, 
and selecting chipsets is optional.  The chipset for that board is 
MGA2064W.  I have one as well.

>I'll try re-installing and configuring everything in a few days, so 
>newer packages and so on.  I have the machine on a lan, but its behind 
>firewall, so I have to get the package files from another system, then 
>them to this machine (its not convenient, but it beats walking.)

You got that right. :)  The AS200 4/233 is a nice system, and is a lot 
easier to get running now that there are a few more of them in 


Matt Briggs

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