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Booting problem


This is an odd problem.  I have a PC164LX motherboard with the "graphical"
BIOS (menus and stuff.)

I previously had it set up with my small DOS filesystem on /dev/sda1 and
Linux root on /dev/sda2.  I added a new hard disk.  Now MILO is on a DOS
filesystem on /dev/sdb1 and Linux root is on /dev/sdb2.

In the BIOS, I set it up to boot from the second SCSI disk (basically,
/dev/sdb1).  So far so good.  MILO even loads the Linux kernel, but it then
gets a panic because it can't mount root.

I end up having to hit ctrl-alt-del, pressing the key to interrupt the boot
sequence, and type "boot sdb2:vmlinuz-2.0.35 root=/dev/sdb2" which works.  I
tried setting the environment variables in MILO but it ignored them after a
reboot.  I have found no place where the root partition is mentioned
(obviously it's getting this wrong someplace).

Any advice appreciated!


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