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dpkg/lchown and 2.0.3[0-4] kernels


I've stumbled across the dpkg-lchown problem that people have been talking
about here.  I'm using a 2.0.30+patches kernel I compiled over a year ago,
but am quite happy to upgrade as far as 2.0.34; however, I have a problem
with 2.0.35: my Braille display driver (a user-level program) uses console
sound to make some beeps, and under 2.0.35 the beeps don't stop but
continue ad infinitum ... which is rather annoying.

So, rather than upgrade to 2.0.35, what can I do to get dpkg going again?
I tried installing lchown.so (which Nikita Schmidt posted on Aug 30) but
then tar failed to chmod anything ... maybe incompatible syscall numbers?

[Of course, if it's blindingly obvious to anyone what my Braille driver is
doing wrong, I'd be delighted to hear ...]



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