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Debian on a jensen.. No SCSI?


Installing debian on a jensen, what fun....havent had a challenge 
like that since trying to get win95 to recognize my Ultrasound max.

After several hours of torture and hard hard work with 
MINLABEL.EXE and COPYBOOT.EXE, combined with the  
981115/jensen/resc1440.bin image I have managed to get the 
beast ( I use the term fondly) to boot aboot ..and from there I have 
even gotten it to load the root disk and in theory I should be on my 
way to installing....but

The kernel in the 981115/jensen/resc1440.bin image flatly refused 
to acknowledge the fact that I have a SCSI disk. No hosts found, 
no disks and hence no way to install. Anyone have any idea what 
is happening here?

K. Simonse

PS. Replies directly to me or cc'd if at all possible since I am not 
on this list (yet)



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