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Re: MILO hangs on startup

>>>>> "JC" == James Carlson <james.carlson@mandelcompany.com> writes:

    JC> I am always able to reboot from the hd kernel or from the
    JC> rescue floppy, after doing a hard reset or power cycle.  The
    JC> only time this error occurs is when using 'shutdown' or, as
    JC> you said, doing a 'warm reboot' in some other manner.  If I
    JC> hit 'esc' to boot immediately, I'll get the unaligned traps.
    JC> If I let it count down to zero, it just locks once it gets
    JC> there.

  As an additional data point, 2.1 kernels cannot be rebooted
succesfully either. On my miata, a warm reboot causes the kernel to
sit for quite a while at the calculating bogomips stage. From memory
(although it's a long time since I waited for it), it does eventually
progress, only to die on something like SCSI or serial probes.

  I don't generally use ESC (reboots are to upgrade kernels, c'est
n'est pas? :), but last time I did, I saw similar things to James.


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