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Internal Compiler errors with -mieee

I compiled a matrix calss with eg++ on my Alpha over the weekend and
did some speed testing using the cycle count register of the alpha.
(Realy nice feature).

At first I got ~800 cycles for a 4x4 matrix, which is way to slow :),
so I started to optimize and play around with the compiler flags.

After I got it down to 114 cycles for a 4x4 matrix multiplication I
then wanted to compare that with ieee correct multiplications and
additions, just to see the speed penalty:

> c++ -g -O2 -mieee matrixtest.cc

resulted in an internal compiler error. The problem is the inline
funktion used for multiplication of the matrixes. But even a matrix
addition gives the same internal error.

Is that a known bug? Has anybody experienced the same or a workaround
for it?

If not, I will try to shrink the source until I have a compact example 
that barfs. At the moment the source are some hounderd lines alone for
various matrix functions.

May the Source be with you.

PS: The new egcc is also in the progress of being downloaded, so I
will test that too.

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