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Offer to assist in testing

Hi all,

I don't know if you've already got miata testers working on this
release, but I'm willing to help with porting/bug reporting/testing.
I've gotten slink working and up on this Personal Workstation 500a, and
I'm documenting what I've been experiencing along the way from
installation to operation/etc, which so far includes, briefly:
Cfdisk doesn't seem to work properly "out of the box"-- works just fine
if you specify a device (my moronicity, perhaps); I don't know why it
wasn't being specified during installation
Fdisk doesn't create mountable DOS partitions (using type 4 for the milo
partition)-- had to use cfdisk to create a type 6 partition, mtools
'mformat' to make it work, and then I was able to mount it and put
linload/milo on it. Again, this could be my error.
Loic, you were quite right about the PowerStorm 4D10T being based on the
Permedia chip-- the XFCom_3DLabs server works perfectly with it, so
thanks for that tip.  Other PWS owners who ordered the powerstorm will
no doubt be pleased to know it works.

I'll stop there.  Let me know how/to whom I should be sending this
information, and what's most important.  I've got to use this machine
for production, but I'm willing to hose it a few times if necessary to
improve the release.

Best regards,

James S. Carlson   --   james.carlson@mandelcompany.com   --
414-271-6970 x510
Management Information Systems Administrator
The Mandel Company

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