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Re: MILO hangs on startup

On Wednesday, December 9 1998, at 19:32:15, Brederlow wrote:
: On my Rufian, reboot and halt both do a reboot, but both do a full
: reset. After that its just like I pressed reset or like if I turned on 
: the power.

All of you with MILO are lucky people. My box is a noritake
(AS/1000A) without MILO support, and SRM/aboot/Linux-bootploader
are unable to reboot it, all of them just hang, the scsi disks and
network card don't work at the reboot time. I have to interrupt the
process with ^C to return to SRM and then I've to type "boot". That
resets the box and it boots normally, after selfchecking everything
for a loooong time.

And more... aboot doesn't work with 2.1.xxx kernels using the SRM
console on the serial port, so I have to use the kernel bootpfile
to boot. The VGA console... errr... remember, to reboot somebody
has to type "boot" at the console... :-)

Roberto Lumbreras
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