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Free stuff!! Merry Xmas

Cleaning out old stuff..
Have 2 AXPpci33 (noname) EBP22-CA boards, with 233/266MHz Alpha 21066 CPUs
on them with manual.
We kept them on the shelf for warranty purposes ( we sold a slew of them 1
to 2 years ago).
Warranty is now over. Either somebody takes them or I throw them in the bin..

Here's the deal:
Send me $10 for postage, and I mail one to you.


Happy Ho Ho.

Best regards,

  Maurice W. Hilarius                   Telephone: 01-403-414-9319
  Hard Data Ltd.                        FAX:       01-403-456-1510
  11060 - 166 Avenue                    email:maurice@harddata.com
  Edmonton, AB, Canada  - T5X 1Y3       http://www.harddata.com

  NOTE: January 25, 1999, new telephone numbers _AND_ area code:
					Telephone: 01-780-456-9771
					FAX:       01-780-456-9772

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