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Re: MILO hangs on startup

James Carlson wrote:

> Loic Prylli wrote:
> > Maybe the MILO used for miata still has some problems, does the
> > problem occurs only when doing a "warm reboot"? Are you able to
> > boot from the rescue floppy normally after a hard-reset?
> I am always able to reboot from the hd kernel or from the rescue floppy, after
> doing a hard reset or power cycle.  The only time this error occurs is when using
> 'shutdown' or, as you said, doing a 'warm reboot' in some other manner.  If I hit
> 'esc' to boot immediately, I'll get the unaligned traps.  If I let it count down
> to zero, it just locks once it gets there.

For kicks, I tried installing RedHat 5.2 for alpha on this machine.  Using the RedHat
'miata' MILO I can perform a warm boot without the machine locking.  Something to
look into, perhaps.

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