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Re: who compiled mutt, and where?

On Wed, 23 Dec 1998, Paul Slootman wrote:

> Actually, I tested it on a.d.nl myself :-)  That works fine.
> Hmmm....
> $ ls -lc /usr/bin/dh_suidregister 
> -rwxr-xr-x   1 root     root         1831 Dec 22 08:49 /usr/bin/dh_suidregister
> Looks like debhelper was upgraded on a.d.nl yesterday morning!

Yep.  I just realised that myself.

> I don't think that it's that important to do an NMU; I'm sure there'll
> be another version of mutt to frozen before the deepfreeze :-(
> There are other things that also need NMU's for simple recompiles to
> eliminate obsolete dependencies; libguile-1.2 is gone, and so is
> libguile-1.3 (or is almost). Any others?  Anyway, I think that we
> shouldn't get into a panic about this, seeing the rate of uploads into
> frozen for i386; most will probably be rebuilt in the course of things
> anyway.

I know.  It's craziness over there.  I'm just plugging away now at
non-free and contrib since the turnover rates there aren't as bad as in

> Everybody just make sure that they have the correct (latest) -dev
> packages installed, before compiling stuff! (Yes, I've been guilty
> myself.)

Me too :-P

> Chris, are you going to do an upload of libc6.1-dev? If so, could you
> fix the following line in /usr/include/netinet/ip_fw.h:
>   u_int32_t fw_pcnt, fw_bcnt;           /* Packet and byte counters */
> The u_int32_t should be unsigned long; that's what it is in the kernel
> source.  This is what's screwing ipfwadm.

Sure.  I just compiled one the other day and went to test it, but it hosed
my UDB, so until I get it back up (today...fingers crossed), I can't test
any of them.  I'll fix this, though, in the source regardless.


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