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Re: libapache-mod-perl needs to be updated

On Wed 23 Dec 1998, Jeff Noxon wrote:

> I'd like to upload a fixed libapache-mod-perl that depends on Apache
> 1.3.3.  The version currently in frozen and unstable depends on 1.3.2,
> which is not available.  This problem has been around for months, and
> has caused me to keep my Apache packages on hold.
> How should I upload the replacement?  Should I version it 1.16-2.1?

I read on -devel that there was a suggestion to add .0 for a simple
rebuild; this sounds sensible to me. So, 1.16-2 would become 1.16-2.0,
1.2-3.1 would become 1.2-3.1.0, etc.

> Is it necessary to upload diffs?  If I upload diffs, won't that trigger

It's only a simple rebuild, right? You're not changing anything (besides
the changelog)?  Then don't do any diffs. Just make sure the changelog
entry says something like:

  * NMU for Alpha to fix dependency (simple rebuild only)

This is what gets posted to the devel-changes list, so people know
what's going on.  Also: make sure that the changelog says "frozen
unstable", otherwise chances are it'll only go into potato!

Paul Slootman
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