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MILO hangs on startup

James Carlson writes:
 > 1. When asked to insert the driver diskette during "Install kernel and
 > modules", I get "Bad superblock" type errors, but, oddly enough, it
 > seems to work. (drv1440.bin for 'miata', created disk with rawrite2)
 > This may or may not be related to anything; I just thought I'd mention
 > it.

The warning message should probably be ignored. Some installs disk are
ext2 filesystems, some msdos filesystems, so the installation program
try first to mount one as msdos (which probably cause the kernel "bad
superblock" message), and if it fails retry with ext2, and then
continues normally.

 > 2. Upon reboot after base installation is complete, the MILO countdown
 > ticks away, reaching zero, and hangs the machine with these messages:
 > kernel: unaligned trap at: fffffc0000d6edec : ffe8aa6cffe8aa6c 29 0
 > kernel: unaligned trap at: fffffc000031c430 : 1111222233334454 29 1
 > (this line repeats 3 times)
 > 3. I hit 'reset', and use the AlphaBIOS entry from the previous
 > installation to boot the machine from sda.
 > [time passes]
 > All the packages from the 'basic' installation set have been downloaded,
 > and I'm rebooting.
 > MILO countdown again, gets to zero, and the machine just hangs.  Hitting
 > 'reset' again.
 > Anyone have any clues on how to fix this problem on startup, for
 > starters?

Maybe the MILO used for miata still has some problems, does the
problem occurs only when doing a "warm reboot"? Are you able to
boot from the rescue floppy normally after a hard-reset?



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