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egcs on alpha


I am having trouble with the latest version of egcs for alpha (actually
it is the same on i386).  The version on my alpha is  2.91.58-5.  I am
doing some simple dynamic allocation for matrices.  I have some c
routines using malloc which I changed to c++ new double[] commands
thinking I did something wrong.

It turns out that if I use an older gcc (2.7.x) it works fine.  I have
two questions for you.  Is it 'easy' to have two gcc's (egcs) on one
system?  I tried to compile 2.7.2 from debian sources to no avail.  I
think I can get the compile working, but hence my question.

One last question I have is do you think the latest release will help?

BTW I am not allocating huge matricies.  They are around 15x15 with
double precision.



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