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Re: a few test results

Goswin writes:

> I have to agree and disagree there. pre2.0.36 gives "unimplemented OSF 
> mmap" warningsm, but 2.1.128 works without glitch. There seems to be
> some stuff missing in the stable kernels for alpha that man uses.

So it should be fixed: Debian alpha just got `frozen' and will *not* ship
with 2.1 kernels.

> ypbind seems to go berserk after some time on any system. Maybe on
> alpha it shows up as a memory violation. Please try to debug ypbind
> (attach gdb to it while running and wait for a crash). You probably
> have to recompile ypbind first to get debug infos into it. Watch that
> you have "-O -g" as cflags.

Please report these so we can decide if alpha slink should downgrade NIS to
an earlier version as Loic proposes.

> Yep, thats very anoying. xemacs latest beta works fine for me. I heard 
> that the emacs hangs are probably a gcc optimisation bug, maybe "-O
> -g" helps.

Could you please share this, please?  I am still running the latest xemacs
I could patch&compile, namely 20.4-5.1, and it is rock stable.

Have you packaged up the xemacs you are running as a .deb file?

> Try a 2.1.128 or better kernel. You find a very small patch for
> 2.1.129 (I think), that fixes two missing include files, at:

Again: debian alpha slink will ship with 2.0.35/6!

Let us concentrate on getting *that* to work well.  This is the first
debian alpha distribution ... we will be judged by it.

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