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New PCMCIA packages to test...

Hi all...

I just pulled down the 3.0.6 package from unstable to test on the Alpha
and lo and behold, it worked for me.  It was a bit strange, but it seemed
to cooperate with me under 2.1.131 SOMETIMES.  It was at first asking for
include/modversions.h (which should've been built with 'make dep' in my
kernel source dir, but actually wasn't generated until I built a full
kernel).  Then, it half-compiled the tools.  But now, the tools are ok and
the modules should compile fine.

I've uploaded the packages for testing in the usual spot:

Please test them and let me know how they work.  Everything worked ok for
me thusfar (with no devices to test it with, I could only test the
bridge's module and the dummy_cs module).  If they work fine, we'll
squeeze them into frozen somehow :-)


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