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Re: Accepted goocanvas 2.0.2-1 (source amd64 all) Re: Re: Alioth tracker Anyone using autopkgtest-xenlvm? Needs a maintainer or get dropped Re: Bits from the systemd + GNOME sprint bootlogd fills up entire disk eventually Re: Bug#745872: ITP: profanity -- a console based XMPP client Re: Bug#746824: Patch aptitude: ftbfs with GCC-4.9 Re: Bug#749704: linux-image-3.14-1-amd64: the driver et131x crashes at the moment it detects the card. Bug#749795: Info received (holes in secure apt) Bug#750076: general: Freezing screens while using multiple LCD screens Bug#750076: marked as done (general: Freezing screens while using multiple LCD screens) Bug#750104: ITP: sunxi-tools -- tools for hacking Allwinner sunxi based devices Bug#750113: ITP: symon -- lightweight system monitor Bug#750117: ITP: more-itertools -- More routines for operating on iterables, beyond itertools Bug#750138: ITP: scap-workbench -- Scanning and tailoring tool for SCAP content Bug#750158: general: cp -a does not respect file attributes Bug#750162: ITP: libdist-inkt-perl -- yet another distribution builder Bug#750164: ITP: tempest -- OpenStack Integration Test Suite Bug#750169: ITP: librdf-doap-lite-perl -- write DOAP data quickly and easily Bug#750170: ITP: libpath-iterator-rule-perl -- iterative, recursive file finder Bug#750174: ITP: libtest-filename-perl -- portable filename comparison Bug#750180: ITP: libdist-inkt-doap-perl -- various DOAP-related roles for Dist::Inkt Bug#750181: ITP: librdf-doap-perl -- object-oriented interface for DOAP data Bug#750190: ITP: libmoosex-attributetags-perl -- tag your Moose attributes Bug#750396: ITP: python-ldap3 -- A strictly RFC 4511 conforming LDAP V3 pure Python client Bug#750421: ITP: libspreadsheet-wright-perl -- simple spreadsheet worker Bug#750442: ITP: jscover -- Javascript code coverage Bug#750448: ITP: libsys-info-base-perl -- fetch basic information from the host system Bug#750450: ITP: fonts-source-serif-pro -- set of serif OpenType fonts designed to complement Source Sans Pro Bug#750457: ITP: buildnotify -- cruise control CI build monitor Bug#750546: ITP: sluice -- rate limiting data piping tool Bug#750576: ITP: debdry -- Semi-assisted automatic Debian packaging Bug#750638: ITP: ndg-httpsclient -- enhanced HTTPS support for httplib and urllib2 using PyOpenSSL Bug#750681: ITP: libapache2-mod-auth-openidc -- OpenID Connect authentication module for Apache Bug#750709: ITP: libpsl -- Library for Public Suffix List Bug#750713: ITP: gf-complete -- Galois Field Arithmetic Bug#750725: RFP: prepair -- Repair GIS polygons Bug#750727: ITP: psurface -- piecewise linear bijections between triangulated surfaces Bug#750766: ITP: jerasure -- forward error correction erasure channel library Bug#750773: ITP: pantheon-terminal -- Modern terminal from elementary project Bug#750774: ITP: contractor -- service for sharing data between apps Bug#750775: ITP: cerbere -- service to relaunch Pantheon shell components Bug#750777: ITP: plank -- Elegant, simple, clean dock Bug#750778: ITP: maya-calendar -- GTK+ calendar application Bug#750780: ITP: efivar -- Tools to manage UEFI variables Re: Bug#750798: mate-desktop-environment: please rename to mate{, -core, -extras} Re: Bug#750817: ITP: x265 -- x265 HEVC Encoder Bug#750826: ITP: libtcl-perl -- Tcl extension module for Perl Bug#750835: ITP: libtkx-perl -- Yet another Tk interface Bug#750861: ITP: flrig -- ham radio transceiver control program Bug#750873: ITP: libpgobject-type-json-perl -- JSON wrappers for PGObject Bug#750917: ITP: python-pytest-cov -- py.test plugin to produce coverage reports Bug#750926: ITP: wmforecast -- weather dockapp for Window Maker using the Yahoo Weather API Bug#750936: ITP: r-bioc-genomeinfodb -- BioConductor utilities for manipulating chromosome identifiers Bug#750966: ITP: pcredz -- Extract authentication information from a pcap file or from a live interface Bug#750981: ITP: python-memcached -- Pure python memcached client Bug#750984: ITP: libjopendocument-java -- pure Java library for OASIS Open Document files manipulation Re: Bug#751031: RFP: maxemumtvguide -- Maxemum TV-Guide, a Qt5 based TV-Guide Bug#751141: ITP: hubicfuse -- Support for mounting Hubic drive Bug#751151: ITP: r-cran-r.methodss3 -- GNU R utility function for defining S3 methods Bug#751200: ITP: plume-creator -- open-source tool for novelists Bug#751378: ITP: openlibm -- standalone implementation of C mathematical functions Bug#751379: ITP: openspecfun -- collection of special mathematical functions Bug#751397: ITP: drmips -- Educational MIPS simulator - DrMIPS Bug#751439: ITP: lgeneral-data -- strategy game in the tradition of Panzer General -- data Bug#751509: ITP: icinga2 -- host and network monitoring system Bug#751519: ITP: openjdk-9 -- OpenJDK 9 - Open source implementation of the Java Platform Standard Edition 9 Bug#751543: ITP: r-cran-bbmisc -- GNU R Miscellaneous helper functions for B. Bischl Re: Bug#751548: RFP: ntk -- Non Tool Kit (NTK) Bug#751570: ITP: openbugs -- BUGS for Bayesian MCMC analysis. Bug#751671: general: sdhci-pci invalid iomem size on dell Latitude E5420 Bug#751671: marked as done (general: sdhci-pci invalid iomem size on dell Latitude E5420) Bug#751673: ITP: gnukhata-core-engine -- Free Accounting Software Bug#751674: ITP: gnukhata -- Free Accounting Software (Desktop Application) Bug#751675: ITP: libstring-print-perl -- module providing (s)printf alternatives Bug#751676: ITP: ruby-aws-sdk -- Amazon Web Services SDK for Ruby Bug#751677: ITP: liblog-report-optional-perl -- wrapper around Log::Report and Log::Report::Minimal Bug#751679: ITP: liblog-report-lexicon-perl -- module for Log::Report translation table management Bug#751734: ITP: r-cran-sendmailr -- send email using GNU R Bug#751785: ITP: haskell-shake -- build system library, like Make, but more accurate dependencies Bug#751846: ITP: pyscanfcs -- data analysis software for perpendicular line scanning FCS Bug#751885: ITP: node-express-session -- simple HTTP session middleware - Node.js module Bug#751895: ITP: node-response-time -- X-Response-Time header manager for HTTP response - Node.js module Bug#751909: ITP: libasr -- asynchronous DNS resolver Bug#751948: ITP: r-cran-matrixstats -- GNU R methods that apply to rows and columns of a matrix Bug#751954: ITP: r-cran-brew -- GNU R templating framework for report generation Bug#752008: Subject: general: Unable to set my status as "Available" in GNOME 3 Bug#752011: ITP: bleufear-gtk-theme -- A dark theme with a wild streak of electric blue Bug#752051: ITP: ocaml-ipaddr -- library for manipulation of IP (and MAC) address representations Bug#752082: ITP: fonts-octicons -- GitHub's icon font Bug#752140: ITP: django-simple-captcha -- Django Simple Captcha Django application Bug#752144: ITP: r-cran-fail -- GNU R File Abstraction Interface Layer (FAIL) mimicking a key-value store Bug#752153: ITP: -- data package for genome-wide SNP association analysis Bug#752158: ITP: idlestat -- measures CPU time in idle and operating states Bug#752164: ITP: r-cran-truncnorm -- GNU R truncated normal distribution Bug#752169: ITP: python-ricky -- tool for rebuilding packages using the Debile infrastructure Bug#752172: ITP: python-loofah -- debile helper to rebuild a set of existing packages Bug#752181: ITP: python-evtx -- pure Python parser for recent Windows Event Log files Bug#752189: ITP: mariadb-client-lgpl -- LGPL version of MariaDB client libraries Bug#752193: Severity of bug from Submitter's PoV in BTS Bug#752201: ITP: yowsup -- library to implement a Whatsapp client Bug#752387: ITP: r-cran-gsl -- GNU R wrapper for the GNU Scientific Library Bug#752396: ITP: r-cran-randomfields -- GNU R simulation and analysis of random fields Bug#752398: ITP: python-spyne -- Python RPC library for HttpRpc, SOAP, Json and more Bug#752399: ITP: python-fdb -- Python DB-API driver for Firebird Bug#752502: ITP: r-cran-misctools -- GNU R miscellaneous tools and utilities Re: Bug#752532: Sources licensed under PHP License and not being PHP are not distributable Bug#752546: ITP: bro -- network analysis framework Bug#752552: ITP: r-cran-learnbayes -- GNU R functions for learning bayesian inference Re: Bug#752589: scowl: Please mark packages as Multi-Arch: foreign Re: Bug#752614: Sources licensed under PHP License and not being PHP are not distributable Bug#752619: ITP: python-retrying -- simplifies the task of adding retry behavior Bug#752621: ITP: python-oslo.db -- database connectivity to the different backends and helper utils Bug#752679: ITP: python-persistent -- generic persistence implementation for Python Bug#752696: ITP: soci -- C++ database access library Bug#752709: ITP: antimicro -- Graphical program used to map keyboard keys and mouse controls to a gamepad Bug#752737: ITP: patchclamp -- basic tool for patch clamping physiology recordings Bug#752745: ITP: dnssec-root-key -- This package contains DNSSEC root key Bug#752753: ITP: python-ldappool -- connection pool for python-ldap Bug#752764: ITP: python-django-pyscss -- makes it easier to use PySCSS in Django Bug#752771: ITP: r-cran-batchjobs -- GNU R batch computing Bug#752788: ITP: r-cran-maxlik -- GNU R maximum likelihood estimation Bug#752792: ITP: binpac -- language for describing and generating network protocol parsers Bug#752858: ITP: python-requests-kerberos -- Kerberos/GSSAPI authentication handler for python-requests Bug#752876: ITP: r-cran-spdep -- GNU R spatial dependence: weighting schemes, statistics and models Bug#752900: ITP: appstream-glib -- Library for AppStream metadata access Bug#752915: ITP: node-keygrip -- Key signing and verification for rotated credentials Bug#752929: ITP: node-pend -- dead-simple optimistic async helper Bug#752934: ITP: node-findit -- walk a directory tree recursively with events Bug#752936: ITP: node-streamsink -- pipe to a buffer, then create readable streams from it Bug#752937: ITP: node-diacritics -- remove diacritics from strings Bug#752955: ITP: node-keese -- arbitrary-precision floats encoded as strings in javascript Bug#752975: ITP: node-mess -- Fisher–Yates shuffle algorithm implementation for Node.js Bug#752978: ITP: node-zfill -- simple function to pad a number with zeroes Bug#752979: ITP: node-lazystream -- Open streams on demand - Node.js module Bug#752984: ITP: node-ncp -- Asynchronous recursive file copy utility. Bug#752990: ITP: python-xvfbwrapper -- headless display inside Xvfb Bug#752994: ITP: vim-ctrlp -- fuzzy file, buffer, mru, tag, etc. finder for Vim Bug#752995: ITP: python-xstatic -- XStatic base package with minimal support code Bug#753012: RFP: vagrant-libvirt -- Vagrant provider for libvirt Bug#753013: ITP: cppdb -- SQL Connectivity Library Bug#753015: ITP: node-depd -- mark a function or property as deprecated Bug#753017: ITP: node-media-typer -- Simple RFC 6838 media type parser and formatter Bug#753051: ITP: node-bindings -- Helper module for loading a native module's .node file Bug#753062: ITP: node-crc32-stream -- a streaming CRC32 checksumer Bug#753067: ITP: node-deflate-crc32-stream -- streaming deflater with CRC32 checksumer Bug#753072: ITP: node-bl -- collect buffers and access with a standard readable Buffer interface Bug#753073: ITP: node-requireindex -- require all files in a directory Bug#753085: ITP: node-abstract-leveldown -- An abstract prototype matching the LevelDOWN API Bug#753095: RFH: vagrant Bug#753125: ITP: r-cran-rsolnp -- GNU R general non-linear optimization Bug#753247: ITP: node-prr -- Object.defineProperty() with common defaults Bug#753250: ITP: node-end-of-stream -- Detect the end of a stream Bug#753251: ITP: node-eventvat -- Evented, in-process key/value store for Node.js and the browser Bug#753254: ITP: node-ansi-styles -- ANSI escape codes for styling strings in the terminal Bug#753260: ITP: node-stylus -- Robust, expressive, and feature-rich CSS superset Bug#753269: ITP: node-supports-color -- Detect whether a terminal supports color Bug#753275: ITP: node-ansi-regex -- Regular expression for matching ANSI escape codes Bug#753278: ITP: node-leveldown -- A Node.js LevelDB binding, primary backend for LevelUP Bug#753282: ITP: node-connect-static -- static file server middleware for connect Bug#753283: ITP: node-music-library-index -- build a searchable javascript object model given track metadata objects Bug#753284: node-cookies -- Cookies, optionally signed using Keygrip Bug#753285: ITP: node-mv -- fs.rename alternative which works across devices Bug#753287: ITP: node-tar-stream -- streaming tar parser and generator Bug#753293: ITP: r-cran-doparallel -- GNU R foreach parallel adaptor for the parallel package Bug#753294: ITP: r-bioc-biocparallel -- BioConductor facilities for parallel evaluation Bug#753301: ITP: velvetoptimiser -- automatically optimise Velvet do novo assembly parameters Bug#753321: ITP: node-strip-ansi -- Strip ANSI escape codes Bug#753326: ITP: node-errno -- libuv errno details exposed Bug#753327: ITP: node-deferred-leveldown -- Handle delayed-open on LevelDOWN compatible libraries Bug#753329: ITP: node-groove -- bindings to libgroove - generic music player library Bug#753332: ITP: node-body-parser -- body parsing middleware Bug#753351: ITP: node-levelup -- Fast & simple storage - a Node.js-style LevelDB wrapper Bug#753354: ITP: node-level-packager -- helper for distributing leveldown-compatible back-end - Node.js module Bug#753359: ITP: node-level -- convenience package bundling LevelUP & LevelDOWN Bug#753367: general: usb drives automatically mount but user permission is ro copyright file and non-secure URL's debian/watch problem dh_shlibdeps warnings on buildd about undefined OpenMP symbols Future of Developer's Reference Re: goals for hardening Debian: ideas and help wanted Heads-up: dpkg-buildflags switching to -fstack-protector-strong holes in secure apt how do I treat an un-owned leftover directory? Re: HTTPS everywhere! HTTPS everywhere! (was: holes in secure apt) improving downloader packages (was: Re: holes in secure apt) ITP: mbrola-{ic1,tr1,tr2} -- various voices for Mbrola llvm-defaults vs update alternatives maintainership of pv, status of kcoyner MATE 1.8 has now fully arrived in Debian multiarch: arch dependent header file path choice new bug severity "new upstream" New project goal: Get rid of Berkeley DB (post jessie) Re: New project goal: Get rid of Berkeley DB (post jessie) -- iproute2/arpd Nonfree Artifacts Re: OpenRC status Re: OpenRC status (was: MATE 1.8 has now fully arrived in Debian) Password Protecting GPG Keys Re: patch-tracker down? Please test libnet-dns-perl 0.77 in Debian experimental Possible kernel modules missmatch in netboot.tar.gz for debian testing Processed: Re: Bug#749647: make-guile: make-guile or make-noguile? Processed: Re: Bug#750158: general: cp -a does not respect file attributes Processed: Re: Bug#752008: Subject: general: Unable to set my status as "Available" in GNOME 3 Re: Proposed mass bug filing: /usr/lib/perl5 is changing with Perl 5.20 QA page showing "git error" Q: best strategy/tool to select a mirror (explicitly not via proxies like The last update was on 15:47 GMT Wed May 01. There are 663 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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