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Re: New project goal: Get rid of Berkeley DB (post jessie) -- iproute2/arpd


For the record, regarding iproute2 and berkeley db ....

The berkeley db dependency is only used by (the black sheep) arpd
in iproute2.
If it where removed, building arpd would be disabled (without
sheding a tear since I don't know of anyone using it) until
someone offered to port it to something that's available
which would make me consider possibly enabling arpd again.
(Also consider the priority of possible new candidates for
filling the vacancy. "Packages must not depend on packages
with lower priority values"....)

In other words, do not consider iproute2 a blocker
for removal of berkeley db.

(It would be interesting to know which practical problems
staying with db 5.x forever would pose though...)

Andreas Henriksson

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