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Re: SV: MATE 1.8 has now fully arrived in Debian

On Sb, 28 iun 14, 10:56:24, Svante Signell wrote:
> The disadvantage with this approach is that you need an entry for every
> package you don't want installed.

No, you want to make use of the support for globs or regexes, see 
> systemd-must-die_8_all.deb already conflicts with nine packages:
> Conflicts: libpam-systemd, live-config-systemd, python-systemd, systemd,
> systemd-cron, systemd-gui, systemd-shim, systemd-sysv, systemd-ui

libpam-systemd, live-config-systemd, systemd-cron, systemd-sysv and 
systemd-ui all have Depends: systemd, so don't need to be excluded 
specifically. systemd-gui is just a transitional package and 
systemd-shim Depends: libpam-systemd.

If you need further assistance with Debian's package management you 
might want to take this to debian-user.

Kind regards,
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