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Re: New project goal: Get rid of Berkeley DB (post jessie)

On Fri, Jun 20, 2014 at 01:36:35PM +0100, Simon McVittie wrote:
> For (1), the AGPL is nowhere near as widely used as the GPL, and we
> don't have community norms for how to interpret it and how to comply
> with it. I don't intend my deployment of ikiwiki-hosting for myself,
> friends and family to be "proprietary SaaS" but if I forget to upload my
> modified source tarball, it probably counts? Or maybe pushing my changes
> to a public git repo is sufficient? Or do I have to indicate to users
> which version is currently in use, or share my modified conffiles too?
> It isn't obvious.

I will observe that when Oracle made this change some free software
projects consulted their lawyers to find out how this might impact them.

Was Debian one of them?

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