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Re: SV: MATE 1.8 has now fully arrived in Debian

+++ Marco d'Itri [2014-06-26 16:29 +0200]:
> On Jun 26, Wookey <wookey@wookware.org> wrote:
> > Can it be uploaded please? As has been observed, there is a reasonable
> > number of people who would like an easy way to control explicitly
> > when/if they change to systemd for pid 1. Having to get it from a
> apt-get install equivs

Yes and write an equivs control file. I could (I even know how to
already), but if there is a standard package then we don't have to do
that individually. I'm sure we have plenty of less-used software than
this will be, at least for a while.

And a less inflamatory name would be sensible, but I do enjoy the humour
in the one it has :-)

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