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Re: MATE 1.8 has now fully arrived in Debian

Dear Mike and dear MATE packaging team,

> the MATE Packaging Team is proud to announce that MATE 1.8 has now
> fully arrived in Debian.

thank you for your contributions to Debian!

> The MATE desktop environment is a fork of what was formerly known as
> the GNOME v2 desktop environment. The MATE upstream developers have
> performed a really good job in integrating the old GNOME code with
> latest technologies like DConf an GSettings. The next upcoming release

Please don't get me wrong, but I am still not sure if this tremendous
effort would not have been better invested in "GNOME Classic" or "GNOME
flashback" instead of creating (and packaging) another fork.

Speaking of packages, how does e.g. mate-panel 1.8 differentiate from
gnome-panel 3.8?

> of MATE (which will be the 1.10 series) will also have GTK3 support
> (if things go well!). During the last 6 months several people have
> worked on the provisioning of MATE packages in Debian.

Same question for other packages: If e.g. engrampa 1.10 (MATE's pendant
to file-roller, the archive utility) gets ported to GTK3 and features
DConf and GSettings support, how does it differentiate from GNOME's
file-roller? Why not rather use the original actually?

Again, I don't want to degrade the MATE project or your packaging
effort, not at all. But my questions and concerns are serious. I still
do not get the point of the whole MATE desktop now that it tries to run
behind and catch up with GNOME again.

Please enlighten me,


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