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Re: Alioth tracker

On Tue, 24 Jun 2014, Оlе Ѕtrеісhеr wrote:
> I thought that usually such requests should be done through an request
> for help? (Is that valid for "pseudo packages" like a hypothetical
> alioth one?) If the alioth admin team would openly request for help
> (maybe on the Debian-News?), they may gain more attention for that.

Most infrastructure teams are always looking for help, wether they send
explicit calls for help or not. And even more so when they are not working

> I don't know anything about the internals of alioth, and from a quick
> view into the issues I am not capable to help there. I would probably
> break more that I could fix.

This is not really compatible with your analysis saying that half of the
tickets are trivial to fix (with the proper rights).

> Hmm, I thought that the bug tracker *is* actually made for interaction
> with the admins. I would also again raise the point: why does alioth
> have its own tracker and does not use the Debian bug tracking system?

It's an historic decision. The idea was to use our own dogfood.
If alioth admins don't know anything about the ticket system, they can
hardly help the teams which are using it (or for that matter, ensure that
the ticket system works).

That said I agree that it was a bad decision because most Debian teams do
not use the ticket tracker anyway and this difference with other Debian
teams create a useless barrier for contribution. It's also much more
restricted than the Debian BTS and makes it difficult for other to help
with triaging Alioth issues (which is bad when the team is
understaffed/too busy with other things).

> If we would
> * create a pseudo package for alioth, and use that for bug reports and
>   support requests

What do you alioth admins think? Would you agree to switch to a
pseudo-package in the BTS?

> Also, there are ~75 requests like 
> * Please fix permissions/ACL/group of project xyz

With latest fusionforge, admins should be able to grant right to other
teams with the permission/public role system and ACL are in theory not needed.

I know it wasn't working very well with the Debian group which was very
large... I don't know if things improved or if ACL are still needed here.

> * Please remove project xyz
> * Please remove user abc
> They would require some confirmation that the request is valid, but are
> then done within a minute. This would already decrease the number of
> open requests by half! There is no other way than to have trusted admins
> to handle these cases.

Good point, without the ticket system it's difficult to authenticate such
requests. Maybe removal requests should still be handled via the Alioth
tickets even if we have a BTS pseudo-package.

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