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Re: New project goal: Get rid of Berkeley DB (post jessie)

Ondřej Surý dijo [Thu, Jun 19, 2014 at 11:38:36AM +0200]:
> Hi,
> <with my Berkeley DB maintainer hat + downstream packages>
> my view is that Berkeley DB is dead since Oracle relicenced it to AGPL3;
> I also think there are better alternatives for key-value storage
> databases
> like LMDB (http://symas.com/mdb/) (or possibly others like LevelDB,
> Tokyo/Kyoto, etc. we don't have to settle on one common solution).
> (...)
> Gunnar Wolf <gwolf@debian.org>
>    ruby-bdb (U)

Of course, given the purpose of this library is to facilitate
interoperation with BDB from Ruby, if BDB is dropped, this package
will just be dropped. Only two packages depend on ruby-bdb - dhelp and
rbot. I guess dhelp is migrable; rbot already depends on either
ruby-bdb or ruby-tokyocabinet.

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