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Re: new bug severity "new upstream"

On Fri, 13 Jun 2014 13:13:17 +0200
Harald Dunkel <harald.dunkel@aixigo.de> wrote:

> Hi folks,
> would it be reasonable to introduce a new bug severity
> "new upstream"?

That's not a single severity, it is just one part of the bug itself.

New upstream versions can be a bad idea and require significant work to harmonise in Debian. New upstream versions could be trivial and almost scriptable. New upstream versions can involve having to file ITP bugs and wait for packages to go through NEW. New upstream versions could fix a CVE (although a targeted fix is preferable by far) and therefore may need multiple uploads to stable and quick transitions etc.

Most bugs asking for a new upstream version to be uploaded are rightly wishlist, there needs to be some other reason why it would be a higher severity. It makes no sense for this to be a single severity.


Neil Williams

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