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Bug#752189: ITP: mariadb-client-lgpl -- LGPL version of MariaDB client libraries

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Daniel Schepler <dschepler@scalable-networks.com>

* Package name    : mariadb-client-lgpl
  Version         : 2.0.0
  Upstream Author : MariaDB Foundation
* URL             : https://mariadb.org/
* License         : LGPL 2.1
  Programming Lang: C
  Description     : LGPL version of MariaDB client libraries

I would like to package the version of MariaDB client libraries from
mariadb_client-2.0.0-src.tar.gz, for the situations where an LGPL
client library is required.  Off the top of my head, there would be at
least libmariadb2, libmariadb-client-lgpl-dev, and possibly
libmariadb-client-lgpl-compat-dev with the compatibility symlinks for
libmysqlclient.so, libmysql.so, etc.

Of course, if somebody else in the MySQL Maintainers group is already
working on this and just hasn't filed the ITP yet, I'd be happy to
defer to them.

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