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Re: MATE 1.8 has now fully arrived in Debian

On 26/06/2014 17:43, Paul Wise wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 26, 2014 at 10:58 PM, Alastair McKinstry wrote:
>> udev itself is disabled in scripts as it keeps crashing
>> on my hardware. (Old powerpc server).
> Which bug number is this?
This is a bug that I _think_ (following the lists) has since been fixed
upstream, but I am reluctant to test
on an operational server with unusual hardware. In practice for my use
case I can just ignore it; there are few event changes
on the system and I can live with just disabling udev , killing it on
reboot, but I can't remove it
from the system as there are dependencies in other code on it.
I will test again when updating to jessie, but until then I prefer to
leave the server alone.

udev has not really been a problem for me. My concern was using popcon
as a measure of success
of a package when its "required dependency" and lack of realistic
alternatives is the
crux of the argument.

My fear is that systemd + friends are becoming a required framework,
subverting the Unix
ethos of a bunch of co-operating tools and libraries. It becomes
increasing impossible to
simply replace a component I might disagree with, or that breaks my use
case, with one I develop
because of all the cross-dependencies. While "if you disagree, write a
replacement" is the traditional answer
in Linux/Debian, we need to look out and make sure that remains possible.


Alastair McKinstry, <alastair@sceal.ie>, <mckinstry@debian.org>, https://diaspora.sceal.ie/u/amckinstry

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