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Re: New project goal: Get rid of Berkeley DB (post jessie)

Please let's not have this discussion again. There are more problems
with Berkeley DB than just relicensing.

On Fri, Jun 20, 2014, at 09:47, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> Respectfully, this is only your own opinion. Maybe I'm wrong, but I
> myself fail to see why the AGPLv3 is a problem. And I don't understand
> why you wrote that "the AGPLv3 is not very friendly to downstream
> projects". IMO it is only unfriendly with proprietary SaaS, which isn't
> the concern of Debian, right?

Clicking few times on [Thread Next] would really help you and me:


Incompatible BDB rdepends:

389-ds-base: GPLv2-only
apr-util: Apache 2.0
boxbackup: 4-clause BSD
canl-c++: Apache 2.0
clisp: GPLv2-only
cyrus-imapd-2.4: 4-clause BSD
cyrus-sasl2: 4-clause BSD
dovecot (parts): 4-clause BSD
evolution-exchange: GPLv2-only
exim: sasl parts are 4-clause BSD[1]
gqcov: GPLv2-only
gridengine: tcsh parts under 4-clause BSD, rest is SISSL[2]
hpsockd: GPLv2-only
iproute2: GPLv2-only
jabberd2: GPLv2-only
jigdo: GPLv2-only
kamailio: OpenSSL parts with advertising clause
ldiskfsprogs: GPLv2-only
libqxt: contains file with LGPL2.1-only
lucene2: Apache 2.0
moc: GPLv2-only
netatalk: GPLv2-only file[3]
nordugrid-arc: Apache 2.0
nvi: 4-clause BSD
pavuk: advertising clause
php5: PHP License 3.01[4]
postfix: IBM PUBLIC LICENSE 1.0[5]
prayer: cyrus-imap parts under 4-clause BSD
radiusd-livingston: 4-clause BSD
redland: Apache 2.0
reprepro: GPLv2-only
rpm: lib/merge.c is 4-clause BSD[1]
spamprobe: QPL[6]
squidguard: GPLv2-only
subversion: Apache 2.0
wvstreams: LGPLv2.1-only
zeroc-ice: GPLv2-only

1. BTW this links 4-clause BSD with GPL code within the same source
2. SISSL is not GPL compatible according to Wikipedia
3. And a couple of files under UNKNOWN license :)
4. AFAIK GPL-incompatible
5. http://www.gnu.org/licenses/license-list.html#IBMPL
6. http://www.gnu.org/licenses/license-list.html#QPL
7. However this case might be the borderline case as outlined here:

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