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RE: Possible kernel modules missmatch in netboot.tar.gz for debian testing


I have done some testing. Results are no good. netboot.tar.gz available on mirrors have incorrect version of kernel modules. This error causes installation process to fail. This error has been filed as bug with number 749991. I have tried to build my own netboot.tar.gz. I ran to error when booting from pxe. The error is failed to load ldlinux.c32.
When googling on internet i haved found info about problems in syslinux package. Here is bug report 750244.

Probable fix of incorrect kernel modules is to build netboot.tar.gz in enviroment of correct modules and fix of missing ldlinux.c32 when booting custom netboot.tar.gz is to fix path to this file in syslinux package.

More info is available on bug numers 749991, 750244.

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