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Re: OpenRC status

On 06/05/2014 12:17 AM, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> The current plan was to have the interpreter (of runscripts) called
> openrc-run, separated from the rest of OpenRC, so it could be used when
> using sysv-rc too. In that way, we could start aggressively replacing
> sysv-rc scripts when Jessie is out, if openrc-run becomes a dependency
> of sysv-rc. Then the choice of sysv-rc vs openrc would be only about
> "the thing who starts stuff", not just sh vs openrc-run.
> But currently, it's only an idea, nobody started implementing it.
> When discussing with one of the upstream (Patrick Lauer, which I'm
> hereby adding as Cc) he told me it should be easy. Patrick, would you
> have some time for this? Just your explanations will not cut it for
> me... Maybe when I get back home we could spend some time hacking
> together? :)

I went ahead and tried it on my work laptop and it failed to boot (I
reported the bug against OpenRC).

I may want to (passively) participate in the conversations you guys
have. Do you have a mailing list for it ?

Given the large number of mailing lists I follow, I request you to CC me
in replies for quicker response

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