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Re: HTTPS everywhere!

]] Christoph Anton Mitterer 

> A user of Debian already fully trusts us (by using our distro, where we
> could do basically everything).

That user trusts us to build a distro fairly competently, something we
have a history of doing.

> If he ultimately trusts our X.509 root, he doesn't give us more trust,
> than he already did.

That user would then trust us to run a CA competently, something we as a
project don't have a history of doing, so they have no reason to believe
we can do so.

Running a good CA is not a trivial effort.

> Of course this still doesn't solve the problem of e.g. browsers, that
> they have gazillions of CAs, and each could issue forged certs for
> Debian hosts, but at least it technically allows the user (or programs
> like apt-listbugs) to _really fully securely_ contact Debian services
> via TLS/SSL with X.509 - something which is not possible with
> GANDI/CAcert or any other non-Debian-managed CAs.

Either cert pinning or DTLSA records would be better solutions here.

Tollef Fog Heen
UNIX is user friendly, it's just picky about who its friends are

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