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Re: Bug#750817: ITP: x265 -- x265 HEVC Encoder

On 10/06/14 02:06, Reinhard Tartler wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 8, 2014 at 4:25 AM, Andrei POPESCU <andreimpopescu@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Control: reassign -1 wnpp
>> On Sb, 07 iun 14, 08:47:41, Rico Tzschichholz wrote:
>>> Package: x265
>>> Severity: wishlist
>>> Package: wnpp
>>> Severity: wishlist
>>> Package name    : x265
>>> URL             : https://bitbucket.org/multicoreware/x265/wiki/Home
>>> License         : GPL2, BSD
>>> Description     : free library for encoding H265/HEVC video streams.
> This package is going to be maintained under the pkg-multimedia umbrella.
> Since this package is probably going to be similar to x264, I guess
> it's easiest to track the github mirror of the upstream mercurial
> repo.


> It seems that there is no upstream mailing list, nor other way to
> contact the upstream devs at this point. Luca, can you confirm or
> correct this?

I'm quite sure there is a mailing list.


> I took a first look at the package, and it builds a shared library by
> default (good). Unfortunately, it doesn't provide a proper SONAME:
> $ objdump -p libx265.so | grep SONAME
>   SONAME               libx265.so
> This makes me wonder if it's worth building it as shared library in
> debian as this point, or if we wouldn't be better of with a static
> library only. I wonder what is upstream's take on this?

Upstream should be notified, I'd advise to just provide the static
library given the kind of usecase.


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