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Re: Bug#750817: ITP: x265 -- x265 HEVC Encoder


On 10.06.2014 02:06, Reinhard Tartler wrote:
I took a first look at the package, and it builds a shared library by
default (good). Unfortunately, it doesn't provide a proper SONAME:

$ objdump -p libx265.so | grep SONAME
   SONAME               libx265.so

It does have a proper SONAME, when I'm building it (with default options):
$  objdump -p libx265.so | grep SONAME
  SONAME               libx265.so.22

How does your x265/build/linux/x265_config.h look like?
It should contain:
#ifndef X265_CONFIG_H
#define X265_CONFIG_H

/* Defines generated at build time */

/* Incremented each time public API is changed, X265_BUILD is used as
 * the shared library SONAME on platforms which support it. It also
 * prevents linking against a different version of the static lib */
#define X265_BUILD 22


The only strange thing is that the generated libx265.so.22 is a symlink to libx265.so.1.1, but I guess this doesn't really matter, as long as libx265.so.22 is there.

This makes me wonder if it's worth building it as shared library in
debian as this point, or if we wouldn't be better of with a static
library only. I wonder what is upstream's take on this?

I would appreciate it if a shared library would be build, so that other programs (like FFmpeg) can use it.

Best regards,

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