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Re: Re: Alioth tracker

Hi Tollef and all,

> I'm not disagreeing, I think we're providing a much poorer service level
> for Alioth than what we should do.  Sadly, I don't have the motivation
> to spend much time there nowadays.

So what should we do here? Since you are listed as the first person on
the "site admin" page of alioth, I now feel a bit helpless and
frustrated. Does the comment above mean that you are actually giving up
alioth management?

We started the debian-astro project a few months ago, and we are full of
enthusiasm to make it a good project. I myself can live with that my git
repositories are not visible on the web for a few weeks, but I don't see
this changing for the next age. And there are other that just want to
start [1] and get confused by the situation. How shall I convince people
to join the project if we cannot fix the problems that appear?

What should we do? Move avay from a poorly administrated site and
organize ourself somewhere outside?

I can imagine that behind any of the tickets on alioth there is a story
like this, so I don't want to bring my one onto the front.

So, how do we get rid of the ~200 open support requests?

Best regards


[1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-astro/2014/06/msg00013.html

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