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Re: Bug#750817: ITP: x265 -- x265 HEVC Encoder

On Sun, Jun 8, 2014 at 4:25 AM, Andrei POPESCU <andreimpopescu@gmail.com> wrote:
> Control: reassign -1 wnpp
> On Sb, 07 iun 14, 08:47:41, Rico Tzschichholz wrote:
>> Package: x265
>> Severity: wishlist
>> Package: wnpp
>> Severity: wishlist
>> Package name    : x265
>> URL             : https://bitbucket.org/multicoreware/x265/wiki/Home
>> License         : GPL2, BSD
>> Description     : free library for encoding H265/HEVC video streams.

This package is going to be maintained under the pkg-multimedia umbrella.

Since this package is probably going to be similar to x264, I guess
it's easiest to track the github mirror of the upstream mercurial

It seems that there is no upstream mailing list, nor other way to
contact the upstream devs at this point. Luca, can you confirm or
correct this?

I took a first look at the package, and it builds a shared library by
default (good). Unfortunately, it doesn't provide a proper SONAME:

$ objdump -p libx265.so | grep SONAME
  SONAME               libx265.so

This makes me wonder if it's worth building it as shared library in
debian as this point, or if we wouldn't be better of with a static
library only. I wonder what is upstream's take on this?


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