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Re: MATE 1.8 has now fully arrived in Debian

On 06/26/2014 11:34, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
>> No, it didn't work. You had to be root for operations as simple as
>> shutting down the computer.
> Only on Debian. OpenBSD and MirBSD have:
> -r-sr-x---  1 root  operator  122716 Sep 10  2013 /sbin/shutdown*
> I never understood why Debian doesn't.

Google says the operator group also has (read) access to raw disk devices.

Those are totally unrelated: I want to allow local users to shut down
their computer when they go home or their laptop when it is no longer
needed, but without having to hand out read permissions for raw disk

The *BSD permission model only makes sense to me for central systems
never shut down or single user installations, but not for multi-user
desktop systems.


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