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#255388 : hardware wizard requested...:-) (forw) Bug#251550 acknowledged by developer (Bug#251231: fixed in console-tools 1:0.2.3dbs-53) (forw) ne reconnait pas le disque dur Re: (forw) Re: @euro support with new languagechooser (was: dropping tc1) .svn in initrd 2.4.26-speakup udebs? 20040615 sid_d-i quick test: success 20040621 i386 sid_d-i OK 20040623 i386 sarge_d-i OK 20040623 i386 sid_d-i OK 20040624 i386 sarge_d-i netinst OK 20040624 i386 sid_d-i netinst OK 20040625 i386 sarge_d-i businesscard OK 20040625 i386 sid_d-i businesscard OK 20040627 i386 sid_d-i netinsta 2.4 OK 20040628 i386 sid_d-i netinst 2.4 OK 20040629 i386 sarge_d-i netinst BROKEN 20040629 i386 sid_d-i netinst 2.6 OK @euro support with new languagechooser (was: dropping tc1) Re: [d-i daily 040528] Issue with OS detection Re: [d-i daily 040528] Unallowed mount points in root directory [d-i daily 040605] Partman offers already assigned mountpoints [d-i daily 040605] Potentially misleading DHCP retry screen [D-I Manual] Build log for en (18 Jun 2004) [D-I Manual] Build log for en (20 Jun 2004) [D-I Manual] Build log for en (23 Jun 2004) Re: [d-i manual] Building Spanish translation [d-i] netinst i386 (04-june-04) problem with Release file Re: [debian_boot] Re: svn access [I18N] Please translate the new netcfg templates Re: [manual, l10n] Automatic build for all languages comming soon... [manual, l10n] Automatic build for all languages comming soon... Re: [partman-auto] Usability review of a message [PATCH] Fix non-POSIX:isms in base-config [PATCH]: New hook in base-installer Re: [SOLVED - sarge_d-i only] Take 3: sparc64 CDs work? Re: [SOLVED] Take 3: sparc64 CDs work? RE: [ Re: [tsec-gf] Re: will s390 have a working installer for sarge?] RE: [ Re: [tsec-gf] Re: will s390 have a working installer for sarge?] Re: [ Re: [tsec-gf] Re: will s390 have a working installer for sarge?] [X11] May fail to load after d-i install aboot-installer_0.0.11_alpha.changes ACCEPTED Re: About Bug#250789 about netinst Re: Accepted nictools-nopci 1.3.2-6 (i386 source) Alpha installation from testing and unstable. anna_0.064_alpha.changes ACCEPTED anna_0.065_s390.changes ACCEPTED Automatic Installations Re: Fw: base-config package contains .svn ( subversion ) directories and readme.txt base-config_2.26_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-config_2.27_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-config_2.28_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-config_2.29_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-config_2.30_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-config_2.31_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-config_2.32_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-config_2.33_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-installer_0.083_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-installer_0.084_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED base-installer_0.085_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-installer_0.086_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-installer_0.087_i386.changes ACCEPTED Beta4 installer fails to boot Re: BiDirectional text and right-to-left languages support in Debian Installer BiDirectional text and right-to-left languages support in Debian Installer Big problem with 20040614 sid_d-i i386 netinst image broken link at ports-status.html browsing svn repository bterm-unifont_0.010_i386.changes ACCEPTED bterm-unifont_0.011_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED BUG in installer "sarge" Bug installing root on XFS on latest svn Bug#152152: Powerful weightloss now available for you. Bug#166675: discover: format string should support device id Bug#186085: acknowledged by developer (Bug#186085: fixed in tasksel 2.01) Bug#196759: marked as done (s390-netdevice must be recompiled) Bug#202160: marked as done (should not include /linuxrc) Bug#220268: marked as done (installation: "can't find block-major-114" after reboot) Bug#220705: marked as done (unclear language question) Bug#220874: marked as done (installation report) Bug#221213: marked as done (partconf: Uninstallable due to broken depends) Bug#221272: acknowledged by developer (processing report) Bug#221272: marked as done (installation-reports: No PCMCIA recognized/ cfdisk lockup) Bug#221505: the keyboard problem Bug#221602: grub-installer: Should enable serial console on serial line installs Bug#222081: marked as done (display errors on 16/10 screens) Bug#222260: marked as done (installation-reports: improper CDROM device symlinks) Bug#222381: marked as done (installation-reports: Installation Report) Bug#224996: marked as done (Cannot install initrd-tools, UHCI problems) Bug#225244: marked as done (installation-reports: Install on Medion Titanium 8080XL (ATI 9800) incl. FritzCard DSL) Bug#225344: base-config: depends on "aptitude" Bug#225344: marked as done (base-config: depends on "aptitude") Bug#225622: marked as done (pcmcia RequestIRQ problem (was Re: generally successful install report from usb keychain)) Bug#225941: marked as done (installation-reports: success on x86 desktop) Bug#226040: marked as done (Install report: alpha businesscard 2004-01-02) Bug#226400: marked as done (installation-reports: fails to install nic-extra-modules) Bug#226777: marked as done (installation-reports: INSTALL REPORT) Bug#226871: marked as done (installation report on AMD-k6 system from earlier this week) Bug#227114: marked as done (20040108 fails on ia64) Bug#227355: marked as done (install report) Bug#227498: marked as done (failed install with 20040111 sarge netinst ISO on Tosh SatPro 4300 Laptop) Bug#227600: marked as done (expert mode asks too many questions) Bug#227684: marked as done (Installation report) Bug#227694: marked as done (installation-reports: installation report on VIA KT400 based Athlon system) Bug#227854: marked as done (Install report for Sparc netboot.) Bug#227909: marked as done (installation-reports: Dell Inspiron 8600 ) Bug#227910: marked as done (installation-reports: Dell Inspiron 8600) Bug#228134: marked as done (installation-reports: consistently try network config e) Bug#228158: marked as done (DI installation report for Dell Latitude CPi 366A) Bug#228269: marked as done (installation-report: beta2 test on i386 : doesn't boot at all) Bug#228271: marked as done (INSTALL REPORT - d-i Beta 2: Broken "stable" installation over net) Bug#228327: marked as done (installation-reports: PCMCIA of the yenta_socket variety not detected properly) Bug#228609: marked as done (20040118 fails to boot on HPPA HP9000/D220) Bug#228763: marked as done (Debian installer installation-report) Bug#228772: marked as done (Install Report - discover locked, boot hung) Bug#228809: marked as done (Install freeze at HW detect or PCMCIA (close to ide-floppy)) Bug#228816: marked as done (Install report) Bug#229075: marked as done (Bug installation-reports) Bug#229096: marked as done (Install freeze at HW detect or PCMCIA (close to ide-floppy)) Bug#229113: marked as done (Package: installation-reports) Bug#229207: marked as done ((no subject)) Bug#229593: marked as done (Could not install any kernel) Bug#229733: marked as done (installation-reports: installation asus m2400n with scsi drive attached) Bug#229793: marked as done (Installation Report) Bug#230065: marked as done (installation-reports: CPQ Array) Bug#230252: marked as done ((no subject)) Bug#230346: marked as done (base-config problem during testing installation) Bug#230396: marked as done (installation-reports bug report) Bug#230398: marked as done (installation-reports) Bug#230437: marked as done (FWD: Install Report - Failed network install) Bug#230438: marked as done (FWD: Install Report - Failed CD-ROM install) Bug#230440: marked as done (FWD: Re: INSTALL REPORT with 2004-01-09 netinst, failed) Bug#230501: Installation report Bug#230501: marked as done (Installation report) Bug#230630: SCSI HD, installation with bootfloppy and usb flash stick, i386 Bug#231389: hang at hardware detection. pcmcia related Bug#231819: Debian install Bug#231819: marked as done (Install freeze at HW detect or PCMCIA (close to ide-floppy)) Bug#232252: PXE Netboot report - fails to install kernel in base system install -> lilo fails Bug#232827: marked as done (LVM on root doesn't work) Bug#233497: marked as done (debian-installer: ieee1394 hd not detected) Bug#233532: marked as done (installation-reports: problem in mounting partitions with CCISS) Bug#233724: marked as done (error: should never end up here when using '') Bug#234208: marked as done (installer doesn't support my IEEE1394 cd-rom) Bug#234459: Hangs at ide-floppy detect on Dell Inspiron 8100 laptop Bug#234459: marked as done (Install freeze at HW detect or PCMCIA (close to ide-floppy)) Bug#234470: Installer Beta 2 Bug#234529: marked as done (strings truncated) Bug#234562: marked as done (debian-installer: Boot delay too short to read information) Bug#234887: Net install over HP ProLiant DL360 G3 Bug#235019: acknowledged by developer (closing) Bug#235019: marked as done (debian-installer: the installer could help extracting the bootsector) Bug#235068: FTBFS: should unpack latest kernel-source during build Bug#235117: marked as done (debian-installer: don't depend on discover after install) Bug#235260: Please confirm this bug Bug#236122: debian installer report Bug#236257: marked as done (Part of text not visible) Bug#236293: unresolved symbols when insmod 8390 Bug#236423: Numerous error messages at boot Bug#236423: Problem persists Bug#236533: dhcp-client: support for Dynamic DNS in netcfg Bug#236533: I am confused Bug#236745: ISA SCSI Detection ? Bug#237466: marked as done (doesn't set up lvm for root filesystem in /target) Bug#238322: retry with current installer? Bug#238648: d-i, sata, netinst.iso 30.05.2004 Bug#238831: marked as done (Install freeze at HW detect or PCMCIA (close to ide-floppy)) Bug#239068: installation-reports: beta3 with LVM fails on multiple disks system Bug#239068: marked as done (installation-reports: beta3 with LVM fails on multiple disks system) Bug#239284: marked as done (After reboot PCMCIA modules should be loaded before the network) Bug#239381: marked as done (Install freeze at HW detect or PCMCIA (close to ide-floppy)) Bug#239442: marked as done (should apt-install also devfsd besides lvm10) Bug#239591: Acquiring a DHCP lease Bug#239591: marked as done (Hostname needed for DHCP) Bug#239751: marked as done (debian-installer: Norwegian Bokmål translation) Bug#239890: marked as done (should be a way to disable module parameter prompting) Bug#240179: marked as done (Install freeze at HW detect or PCMCIA (close to ide-floppy)) Bug#240278: marked as done (Install freeze at HW detect or PCMCIA (close to ide-floppy)) Bug#240504: marked as done (Install freeze at HW detect or PCMCIA (close to ide-floppy)) Bug#240644: acknowledged by developer(fixed) Bug#240644: marked as done (Debian installer b3 can't display correct chinese char after reboot during installation.) Bug#240715: marked as done (base-config: incosistent, secret, automatic package selection depending on tasksel/aptitude/nothing/etc.) Bug#241177: marked as done (Remind users to update PROM variables after installation) Bug#241445: marked as done (Install freeze at HW detect or PCMCIA (close to ide-floppy)) Bug#241680: marked as done (Install freeze at HW detect or PCMCIA (close to ide-floppy)) Bug#241790: installation-reports Bug#242115: marked as done (Install freeze at HW detect or PCMCIA (close to ide-floppy)) Bug#242228: marked as done (installation-reports: failed: cannot repartition hard drive) Bug#242343: debian-installer beta 3 sparc netinst image failed to boot up on Ultra10 Bug#242555: marked as done (Slovenian entry in languagechooser.l10n is too long) Bug#242556: marked as done (Spanish entry in languagechooser screen too long for "other countries") Bug#242557: marked as done (languagechooser: Dutch entry in languagelist is too long for "other countries") Bug#242659: marked as done (d-i errors on alpha) Bug#242827: marked as done (eepro needs io= parameter to load) Bug#242959: marked as done (Unable to load driver for some USB bridges) Bug#242959: uhci + ehci Bug#243233: installation report (d-i 20040408) Bug#243532: Error in the Swedish translation Bug#243532: marked as done (Misspelling in Swedish grub translation) Bug#243543: /etc/network/interfaces - no loopback interface Bug#243543: marked as done (Should fail gracefully in absence of network) Bug#243543: no /etc/network/interfaces on a machine without network card Bug#243543: Possible course of action Bug#243606: acknowledged by developer (closing) Bug#243606: marked as done (debian-installer: Known bugs on website don't appear in this list) Bug#243705: marked as done (languagechooser: Do not use unnecessary "Choose this to continue in..." entries in languagelist) Bug#244451: Installation Report; Failed Bug#244886: kbd-chooser: can't select keymap on sparc64 netboot 20040411 image Bug#244901: netcfg: When DHCP fails, the user should be presented with clear options Bug#244978: is usbutils ever needed? Bug#244978: refile under hotplug Bug#245164: Should be able to get high debconf priority even if there were problems in the installation Bug#245296: Installer don't install and fails to load 3c59x module Bug#245546: marked as done (installation-reports: problem with lwm) Bug#245632: marked as done (Installation report, Poweredge 750 with Adaptec AACRAID) Bug#245660: marked as done (Install freeze at HW detect or PCMCIA (close to ide-floppy)) Bug#246757: marked as done (netcfg: wireless options not written?) Bug#246790: marked as done (firewire: instructions for support) Bug#246814: marked as done (should base-config always take country from d-i as default?) Bug#246820: Sarge Beta 4 sparc report Bug#247051: marked as done (Package: installation-reports - laptop /lvm root) Bug#247213: marked as done (installation-reports: doesn't install kernel if root is on LVM) Bug#247734: /etc/hosts: Two lines with the same IP address? Bug#247734: [Fwd: Re: /etc/hosts: Two lines with the same IP address?] Bug#247734: hostname on multiple lines in /etc/hosts Bug#247734: marked as done (debian-installer: incorrect /etc/hosts localhost line) Bug#247819: installer message Bug#247819: mdadm deb needs to be installed Bug#247934: marked as done (Spelling mistake in Low Memory error message) Bug#247949: marked as done (main-menu: eject command not available in installer shell) Bug#248011: marked as done (firewire cd support needed) Bug#248047: (no subject) Bug#248047: Installing Debian sarge (beta4) on Cobalt Bug#248071: Hot plugged devices shouldn't be marked "auto" Bug#248071: marked as done (PCMCIA network cards shouldn't get auto entries) Bug#248071: TODO Bug#248071: TODO for hw-detect and/or pcmcia-cs Bug#248147: marked as done (debian-installer: netcfg/use_dhcp parameter can't be allowed on cdrom image) Bug#248363: marked as done (installation-reports: Sarge netinst beta-4 on Dell Latitude CPi) Bug#248434: sparc install error Bug#248576: Beta Debian installer on Sparc64 - Kernel panic Bug#248627: Debian Installer version 4 - Installation report Bug#248977: marked as done (tasksel: Korean task shouldn't include Bug#249022: end of bug for Dell latitude 800. Bug#249311: marked as done (lvm on root problems, please run vgmknodes) Bug#249346: discover1: Mouse module isn't loaded when using 2.6 kernel Bug#249355: marked as done (cpqarray module is not loaded during install (before partitioning) despite being recognized correctly) Bug#249688: marked as done (busybox-cvs-floppy-udeb missing on amd64.) Bug#249807: marked as done (lvm detection on 2.6 broken, request: lvm2) Bug#250299: marked as done (cdebootstrap: Fails to run) Bug#250338: New version available Bug#250360: Bug #250360: Discover & hotplug issues Bug#250376: marked as done (prebaseconfig should set APP_CHARSET_MAP) Bug#250508: marked as done (bug with lvm.) Bug#250530: nl_NL install: still some problems with accented characters Bug#250626: FWD: Re: Bug#250626: installation report Bug#250677: more info needed Bug#250710: installation-reports Bug#250735: (no subject) Bug#250735: bug dbootstrap Bug#250758: marked as done (Bits and pieces from an amd64 install) Bug#250789: About Bug#250789 Bug#250808: marked as done (tasksel attempts to install kdebase-audiolibs which is not available) Bug#250860: installation-reports on SATA-SIS Bug#250860: installation-reports on SATA-SIS -> SATA-VIA Bug#250860: Promise SATA detect failure Bug#250915: installation-report Bug#251035: marked as done (tasksel: another update of Polish translation) Bug#251035: New version available Bug#251089: marked as done (debian-installer: installer hangs on dual G5 while loading module for inexistant floppy) Bug#251130: "ELF file not for this architecture" on Ultra 1 (was "(no subject)") Bug#251170: [ Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender] Bug#251290: marked as done (please support serial console installs) Bug#251302: marked as done (busybox-cvs - ash does not support 64bit arithmetic) Bug#251316: Debian installer install report Bug#251316: unsubscribe Bug#251412: marked as done (There should be an option to refrain from configuring the network after DHCP failure) Bug#251526: If XFS selected for / then fallback to Lilo Bug#251550: Bug#254630: LVM names Bug#251550: Keyboard freezes when typing non-ASCII letters Bug#251550: Keyboard freezes when typing non-ASCII letters (was Re: Bug#251550: Bug#254630: LVM names) Bug#251823: d-i gives black screen Installing sarge beta4 and 20040530 on OldWorld Power Macs] Bug#251825: Installing sarge PPC kernel with d-i fails with initrd warning Re: Bug#251861: fixed in 2.6.7-final Bug#251900: marked as done (Tasksel finnish translation has too wide lines) Bug#251905: Problems/workarounds for install to root on LVM on RAID Bug#251940: Install on HP Omnibook XE3 Bug#251940: marked as done (Install on HP Omnibook XE3) Bug#251957: marked as done (discover1: [l10n] Brazilian Portuguese debconf template translation update) Bug#251957: Unsubscribe Bug#251969: marked as done (aboot-installer: should generate udeb in binary-arch) Bug#251973: marked as done (cdebconf: newt.c does not compile with gcc 2.95) Bug#252000: debian-installer installation report Bug#252027: bug 251823 continued : dies installing the base system on OldWorld PowerPC Macs Bug#252027: bug 251823 continued : dies installing the base system on OldWorld PowerPC Macs Bug#252106: Bug report Bug#252107: 2004-05-30 fails with 2.6 kernel on PowerBook G4 (2.4 works fine) Bug#252109: installation report of daily image 20040531 Bug#252109: some improvements Bug#252121: Apt from base-config should be pre-seeded with installation values. Bug#252136: marked as done (Report for debian-installer bata4) Bug#252136: Report for debian-installer bata4 Bug#252164: (Fwd) Re: Bug#252164: Package: lvm2 Bug#252164: Package: installation-reports The last update was on 20:19 GMT Mon Jun 03. There are 2489 messages. Page 1 of 5.

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