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Bug#248047: Installing Debian sarge (beta4) on Cobalt

* Robert Lemmen <robertle@semistable.com> [2004-06-01 14:31]:
> - this looks odd:
>   most dialogs have an empty line at the lower end, perhaps a line-breaking 
>   issue. just cosmetics anyway...

Hmm, I saw some other dialogs which behave the same, so I guess this
is "normal".

> - after reboot hda1 gone 1621 days without reboot and is checked. is
>   this intentional? (that's the /boot partition with the ext2r0

Nope, this shouldn't happen.  Are you sure your clock was correct
during installation?  And you only saw it for /boot, not for any other

> - after the reboot i get asked for a mirror again, perhaps this should
>   use the values from the pre-boot setup

This is a known bug.

> and something else: in the long run it would be cool to be able to
> run the installer over the network instead over a serial line, has
> there been any work or discussion on this yet?

Some progress has been made.  We now have a SSH udeb in the archive,
so I guess we can work on this soon.

Thanks for testing.
Martin Michlmayr

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