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Bug#250530: nl_NL install: still some problems with accented characters

Quoting Frans Pop (aragorn@tiscali.nl):
> tags 250530 + l10n
> thanks
> I think the basic problem has been fixed now, but I still see some encoding 
> problems in the full country list in countrychooser (after choosing 'other'):
> - most continents  and countries are shown correctly
> - two continents with accents are _not_ shown correctly:
>   - Caraïbisce eilanden (not OK; note also missing 'h' Caraïbische)
>   - Azià (not OK)
>   - Oceanië (is OK)
> - one country is incorrect:
>   - R�nion
> This is with sid_d-i 20040613, countrychooser version 0.020.

Looks like the nl.po file of countrychooser is a very strange mix of
iso-8859-1 and UTf-8.....or even iso-8859-1 treated as utf-8...:-)

Encoding issues are tricky with countrychooser as it is highly better
if this translation uses the same encoding than iso-codes translation.

There is also an error in iso-codes for the "Réunion" entry as you

I will correct both these errors in both repositories.

Correcting them may take time as this requires an upload for iso-codes
and then a rebuild of countrychooser.


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