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Bug#239591: Acquiring a DHCP lease

On Fri, 2004-06-25 at 18:03, Laurens Blankers wrote:
> That would work for me.
> However I can imagine a network setup in which computers without a
> hostname are assigned a non-routable IP instead of none at all. How are
> you going to handle that situation?

We can make it so that at question netcfg/get_hostname, if the user
hits <escape>, she gets the netcfg/dhcp_retry screen.  On that 
screen the user can elect to retry DHCP with a requested hostname.
Currently at netcfg/get_hostname if the user hits <escape> she
backs out of netcfg entirely.

I have just committed the change to implement the new behavior.
It should turn up in the nightly build.

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