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Re: 20040621 i386 sid_d-i OK

Quoting Steve Langasek (vorlon@debian.org):

> >  OK ar_EG 2.4 (but no RTL in 2nd-stage...not d-i related)
> It is d-i related, to the extent that libfribidi0 will need to be

OK. In my opinion, this was not directly d-i related as this is not a
thing (getting bidified slang in testing) that the d-i team really has
control on.

> installed by base-installer on platforms where RTL is needed.  The other
> factor, of course, is that the version of slang in testing does not yet
> support bidi (5 more days to wait on this one).

uh, I was missing something here. So, in 5 days, if libfribidi0 is
installed by base-installer, we will have a RTL 2nd stage, then?

If so, the question narrows down to : how to have libfribidi0
installed by base-installer....

PS : while I am at this BiDi thing-->I have read, by digging on
arabeyes mailing lists, that the new libfribidi is about to be
released. This version is supposed to include shaping support directly
and, according to the discussions there, libfribidi shaping will just
take place before applications internal shaping. I'll try to follow
this closely, though I will be less available during summer time.

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