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20040621 i386 sid_d-i OK

Daily builds being back for i386 netinst, I restarted my systematic

Tests in languages other than en or fr of course do not include
proofreading. These are "blind" tests focusing on bad display errors,
charset problems and final test of encoding things on the installed
Below, the pseudo locale indicates which language and country were
chosen in the first screens.
The expected locale for unprivileged user on the finally installed
system should use this language. Root should not have a localised

 OK fr_FR 2.4
 OK fr_FR 2.6
 OK ja_JP 2.4 (no CJK display at console after final install)
 OK ja_JP 2.6 (ditto)
 OK en_US 2.4
 OK en_US 2.6
 OK fr_BR 2.4 (locale is fr_FR in 2nd stage which is expected. BR is 
               used for tz and mir defaults)
 OK de_DE 2.6

*KO lowmem 2.4
*KO lowmem 2.6

 OK lowmem 2.4
 OK lowmem 2.6
 OK fr_FR 2.4
 OK ar_EG 2.4 (but no RTL in 2nd-stage...not d-i related)

 OK fr_FR 2.4 at low priority (a few small glitches : too long screend
                               and one debconf display problem. None
                               d-i related)
 OK hu_HU 2.4 (no shadow translation)


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